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Appraisals 2U – Case Study

APPRAISALS 2U is a leading real estate appraisal management company with national and local expertise dedicated to providing valuation and consulting services through analytic discipline and a team approach. The company's philosophy is to provide an objective analysis to assist their clients in making informed real estate decisions.

"Appraisals 2U has been a satisfied ValueLink Appraisal Management System customer since April 2013"

The Challenge

Appraisals 2U was using an appraisal management platform from one of the largest players in the industry for 4 years before they decided they needed to shift to another platform to achieve higher efficiency and grow their business. Their old system had become highly unstable and would crash frequently which was followed up by poor service from their software vendor. The downtimes were causing a loss of business and their staff was fed-up with using a broken system. However, changing systems was set to be a massive undertaking as it would involve setting up Appraisals2U’s existing clients and vendors on the new platform and their staff would have to learn the new system from scratch, which made the business owners apprehensive about a system switch.

The ValueLink Solution

Knowing fully well about the enormity of the task at hand, the team at ValueLink immediately sat down to devise to plan a seamless migration of Appraisals 2U from their old system to ValueLink. A requirements-gathering study was carried out and the base system was set up so that data import could be started during that time. Our tech team worked around the clock to ensure customer-specfic customizations were implemented in record time to meet the client’s requirements while data was migrated from the old system to ValueLink. Our sales team also conducted multiple training sessions for the staff to teach them about how to use the system for their respective roles. Within a period of 1 week, everything was ready to go and Appraisals 2U started using ValueLink to manage their appraisal process.

The Results

The switch over to ValueLink was seamless. From day one, Appraisals 2U had access to their clients and vendors, allowing them to place orders on the new system. The staff fell in love with how fast and responsive the system was and learned to use the system in a matter of days. Now, Appraisals 2U faces no downtime and never have to miss any orders due to issues with the system. Their staff is also much happier with the fluidity of the system and they are processing more orders than ever before. Last but not the least, switching over to the new system will result in savings of thousands of dollars every month.

“ValueLink is a step up from the rest. The flexibility of the software support team to work with us on adding/changing the features of the system has been great.”

Valerie J. Favreau, Owner, Appraisals 2U