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Core Valuation Management Inc. – Case Study

Core Valuation Management is a nationwide appraisal management company providing products and services that meet today’s requirements and expectations. Based out of Mission Viejo, California, the once small AMC is now one of the largest and most reliable AMCs operating in the nation.

“Core Valuation Management has been a satisfied ValueLink Appraisal Management System customer since November 2010”

The Challenge

Core Valuation Management started off as a small appraisal management company with big ambitions. As an AMC being run by appraisers, they had great knowledge of the industry and a clear idea about what they wanted to achieve. They wanted a powerful and scalable, yet affordable appraisal management platform to hit the next level. They selected ValueLink and have never looked back since.

The ValueLink Solution

ValueLink appraisal management system was exactly what Core Valuation were looking for. They were able to manage all their orders from a single location and provide their clients with real-time updates about their orders. Managing their communications became much easier with real-time automatic notifications. As business grew, they started using ValueLink’s powerful accounting and reporting features and were able to keep track of their receivables and payables at all times.

The Results

Core Valuation Management’s business has doubled almost every year since they started using ValueLink. From being a small AMC, performing around 20-25 orders every month, they are now a nationwide appraisal management company doing in excess of thousands of orders monthly. By making the right call at the commencement of operations, Core Valuation Management is now at the forefront of appraisal management across the nation.