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Nadlan Valuation – Case Study

Nadlan Valuation Inc. is one of the leading national appraisal management companies with a focus on delivering high-quality appraisal reports to small and mid-sized banks, and credit unions.

Nadlan Valuation partners with ValueLink to develop a platform for growth

The Challenge

Nadlan Valuation had all the ingredients of a successful appraisal management company. They had the expertise, the people, a strong portfolio of clients and a solid appraiser panel to count on to deliver “Appraisals You Can Bank On”. However, their appraisal management software was inadequate. There faced many issues like high costs, and an unreliable system. The issues were amplified by the lack of support from the software provider. This meant that Nadlan could not focus on what mattered most: Growth. This led to the search for a platform that was not only cost effective and reliable but also came with excellent customer support and something they could switch to.

The ValueLink Solution

Working closely with Nadlan, the ValueLink team extracted all of Nadlan’s data from their old system and imported it into ValueLink. The data was transferred in a week and Nadlan was able to flip the switch for their system over a weekend. After a smooth transition, our team worked closely with Nadlan to deliver all needed features. We integrated the system with the Mercury Network and recently completed our integration with Ellie Mae to allow lenders to place orders directly with Nadlan as well as all other ValueLink customers. We also added an array of features they needed and our support team was always there to assist them throughout the process.

The Results

Since going live, Nadlan has witnessed an exponential growth in business and has become one of the largest AMCs operating in the New York, New Jersey area. The company has grown 300 percent since it started using ValueLink as its appraisal management platform, and expects to grow at a similar pace in the coming year. We kept our promise to be a partner for Nadlan and they have reaped the dividends. It has been a great win for both companies and we expect them to be a customer for years to come.

“ValueLink has been great to work with. They have a great and simple platform which makes it very easy to work with and yet be compliant. On top of it they have great customer service.”

Sam Heskel, Owner, Nadlan Valuation Inc.