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ValueLink is safe from Spectre & Meltdown

ValueLink is safe from Spectre & Meltdown

Recent hardware vulnerabilities, known by the name of “Meltdown” and “Spectre” have been affecting computing devices by stealing important data off the system memory. These hardware vulnerabilities allow programs to steal the data being processed on computers. This may include passwords and sensitive data stored on the system memory.

As thousands of users log into the ValueLink platform on regular basis, we wanted to assure our users that our infrastructure has been updated with the latest patches to keep our user data safe from such hardware vulnerabilities. We also recommend all our users to update their operating systems with the latest patches that have been released by the vendors to address these vulnerabilities.

ValueLink has always been proactive to ensure that our user data remains protected from such threats. We will make sure that all our users remain protected in future as well. If you have any queries regarding this vulnerability, feel free to contact our technical support team at (888) 587-0805 x 2.

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