Automated BI Tool for
Appraisal Analytics

software for lenders

Data-Driven Insights for Faster Decisions

Cogent gives mortgage lenders deep insight into the entire valuation lifecycle in a user-friendly interface, providing complete visibility and enabling them to make faster decisions.

The platform provides lenders and AMCs with a competitive edge through its advanced analysis and visualizing features so they can always stay ahead of their competitors.

Turn Time Stats

 Keep track of appraisal trends and compare your performance to industry benchmarks.

 Identify bottlenecks and find ways to streamline your workflow.

Fee Trends

  Stay up-to-date on the latest fee trends in your area and across the nation.

  Use this analysis to negotiate better rates with clients.

Product Comparisons

  Compare different appraisal products to measure which ones suit your needs best.

  Make your pricing strategy more efficient by using these insights.

Geographic Breakdown

  Gain access to region-wise insights to make better predictions about property values.

  Identify areas with potential for expansion and growth.

Order Lifecycle Analysis

  Track the status of your evaluation workflow and determine completion delays.

  Use this information to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Vendor Performance

  Discover which vendors are delivering the best value to your business.

  Make smart decisions about which vendors to work with using the data available.

Company Analysis

Holistic view of your company's
performance for better decisions

Competitor Analysis

Competitor insights to implement a
more robust business strategy

Industry Analysis

Bird's eye view of the mortgage
industry so you can conquer the market

Automate Your Valuation Management Process

Automate Your Valuation Management Process