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Automation of the
Valuation Process

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Award-Winning Appraisal Management Platform
For Lenders, AMCs & Appraisers

Industry Leading Appraisal
Management Software

For Residential & Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

ValueLink Appraisal Management Software gives appraisal management companies (AMCs), lenders and appraisers the ability to manage and track all their appraisal orders from a single location via desktop or any other screen, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

With a combination of automation, AI, powerful functionality, and mobile technology, ValueLink makes managing the valuation process simple and efficient for everyone involved. ValueLink automates the entire valuation process – from order creation, vendor allocation and verification, to quality control and report delivery – resulting in at-least 30% reduction in turnaround times and timely delivery of report to end users.

Not only do our customers gain operational efficiencies, they save thousands of dollars in the process. It’s no coincidence that they have great things to say about us.

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Our Products

Transforming Valuations For The Entire Appraisal Management Industry

For Lenders

Lender appraisal software

For AMCs

Software for appraisal management companies

For Appraisers

Inspection management software

For Reviews

Appraisal review tool

For Home Inspection

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ValueLink Direct

Appraisal Management System for Lenders

An end-to-end appraisal desk software enabling lenders to automate the entire appraisal process and simplify vendor panel management while delivering faster, accurate, and reliable valuations.

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Lender appraisal desk software

ValueLink Core

Appraisal Management Software for AMCs

The most comprehensive appraisal management solution for Appraisal Management Companies, enabling them to take control of the appraisal process from order creation to report delivery.
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Appraisal office management software

ValueLink Connect

Real Estate Appraisal Software for Appraisers

A unified appraisal office management software for appraisers that keeps everything organized in one place while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and expediting the entire appraisal process.
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appraisal tracking software


Automated Appraisal Review Tool

An automated review tool that analyzes appraisal reports within seconds for almost 1000 rules & alerts reviewers on any potential UAD and non-UAD errors on the report.

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Review tool for appraisers


For Remote Home Inspections

Virtual appraisal inspection tool provides the fastest and easiest way to conduct home inspections remotely while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines.

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Home View: Virtual inspection tool

Leader In Technology-Driven Solutions For The Evolving Mortgage Industry

Seamless Integrations

Full Integration with Most Major LOS Systems for Seamless Ordering.

Full Automation

ValueLink Allows you to automate the entire appraisal ordering process from order creation to report delivery.

Unified Valuation Management Solution

Order and manage Appraisals, BPOs, eValuations, Hybrids, Inspections & AVMs in a unified platform.

Review Tools

ValueLink offers multiple Automated Review Tools built directly into the system.

Powerful Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting Tools to keep you informed about all current and completed appraisals.

Compliance with

State-of-the-art solutions for Lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers designed to create efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure regulatory compliance.

See How ValueLink Appraisal Management Solutions Is Transforming Valuations!

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Integrated With Leading Platforms

Partnered with the most innovative companies in the real estate industry

Innovative Enterprises Rely On ValueLink Software

Value Link

ValueLink has been great to work with. They have a great and simple platform which makes it very easy to work with and yet be compliant. On top of it they have great customer service.

Sam Heskel


We were able to tailor ValueLink to the exact needs of our clients and our staff. It is a cost-effective, fast and efficient platform that stands out among its peers. The support staff is also always friendly and receptive with our customization requests

Sharon Baron

Valuelink Software

The flexibility of Valuelink software support team to work with us on adding/changing the features of the system is great. All in all, we are very happy to use ValueLink as our appraisal management platform.

Valerie J. Favreau

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Automate Your Valuation Management Process