Automated Appraisal Management Solution for AMCs

Appraisal management software

Industry Leading Valuation Management Platform

ValueLink Core enables AMCs to streamline their appraisal process by automatically assigning orders, managing vendor panels, and delivering reports directly into the system. Core gives AMCs the advantage of placing orders from an all-inclusive platform for modern valuation products like Appraisals, AVMs, BPOs, Desktop, and Hybrids. It is a feature-rich solution that allows you to seamlessly manage all your orders in one place.

Order Management

Manage your appraisal orders with ValueLink real estate appraisal management software from order creation till the submission of the report to the client. Take advantage of automatic email notifications and powerful search features to stay on top of your orders.

Appraisal order management

Admin Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of all orders for your company.

Manage Appraisals

In ValueLink, all order information is aggregated on a single screen which simplifies the order management.

Order History

We understand how important it is to have a good audit trail for each order.


ValueLink comes with an advanced search screen that makes it really easy to track orders in the system.

Administrator Tools

Administrators can edit or update information, assign the order to staff members or appraisers and post internal notes.

Report Delivery

ValueLink provides multiple report delivery options. A link to the report is sent to the client whenever an order is marked completed.

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Manage system settings from a single screen. Control available options, activate/deactivate features and modify the system as per your business requirements. Use the admin dashboard to get a snapshot of all activities in the system.

Real estate appraisal management

Stay in Control

Manage system settings from a single screen. Set up your company details and manage clients.

Make it your Own

You can set the color theme of the system and use your own company's logo to brand the system so your users see your company’s information on the system.

Order History Compliance Certificates and Engagement Letters

Attach a compliance certificate and engagement letter to each order automatically.

User Management

Set up new clients or add new appraisers to your panel with a click of a button.

Custom Appraisal Types and Statuses

You do not have to change the way you work. With ValueLink, you can customize appraisal types and statuses, to clearly reflect your offerings which are familiar to your existing clients and vendors.

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Client Management

Manage settings for all your clients with ease. Set up client-specific fee tables, products, engagement instructions and report delivery settings. You can also set up multiple branches with their own users and exclusionary lists.

Appraisal client management software

Multiple Branches

ValueLink real estate appraisal management software offers the capability to setup multiple branches for clients in the system. Each branch can have their own users for simplified order management.

Fee Tables

Set up Fee tables for clients at the State or County level. Once the tables are set up, the system automatically populates the fee when the order is created.

DNU and Approved Lists

Set up Do Not Use and Approved Lists at the client level. Vendors on the DNU list are automatically excluded from the order assignment screen.

UCDP & EAD Submissions

Multiple permission levels for users ensure that the right people have access to the right information.

Custom Appraisal Types and Statuses

ValueLink enables you to submit orders to the UCDP and EAD portals on behalf of your clients. Retrieve the SSRs and delivery to your clients with ease.

Customized Client Experience

Select the products a client can order, manage the notifications that they receive and configure the report delivery options, all in a few clicks.

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Appraiser Management

ValueLink, an appraisal management software, allows efficient and convenient management of all your vendors. Get free access to a database of thousands of vendors located across the nation. Set your vendor’s coverage areas; track the expiry of their licenses and E&O directly from the system.

Vendor management software

Unlimited Vendors

Appraiser Management is extremely easy in ValueLink. There are no limits on how many appraisers you can set up with access to your system.

Performance Management

Score the performance of the appraiser at the end of each order to build a comprehensive database of appraiser performance over time.

License and Document Management

Use the system to keep track of licenses and additional documents. License information is verified against the database for up to date information.

Coverage Area

Define the vendors’ coverage area in the system to easily identify vendors that cover the zip code where the subject property resides.

Fee Tables

Use fee tables to set how much you wish to pay each appraiser. Set the rates once and the system automatically populates them every time an order is assigned to an appraiser.

Vendor Audit Trail

Keep track of your communication with the vendor along with any changes to their profile and documents using the vendor event log.

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Use the powerful search tools to efficiently locate orders and avoid loss of time. ValueLink appraisal management system incorporates a quick search bar on every screen which dynamically loads orders. You can also use the comprehensive search tool for a more advanced search.

Appraisal management system

Appraisal Tracking

ValueLink’s powerful search feature makes it the perfect appraisal tracking software.

Order Search

Valuelink comes with a comprehensive search tool that lets you search through the entire system using various filters.

Quick Search

Users can use the Quick Search feature located on the Navigation Bar from any screen of the system.

Find Users

Search filters are located on almost all user management screens to quickly find the right users if you wish to add/delete or modify their profiles.

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ValueLink appraisal management system features comprehensive reporting tools to keep you informed about all current and completed appraisals. These reports can also be mailed directly from the system to the concerned parties at a click of a button.

appraisal Reports

System Reports

ValueLink comes with more than 70 comprehensive pre-built reports to help you manage your orders, clients, vendors and accounts.

Report Builder

The powerful report builder allows you to create reports with virtually unlimited data points to give you complete control of your data.

Report Scheduling

Reports can be scheduled to be delivered on Daily, Weekly and Monthly intervals to both internal and external users.


The Client and Vendor scorecards provide a detailed snapshot of order performance in an easy to understand report.

Export Data

All reports generated by the system can easily be exported in Excel, CSV or PDF formats making it simple to analyze your data.

Favorite Reports

Mark reports as favorites to view them later at a click of a button. Favorite reports feature prominently on the Reports section and allow quick access to users.

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Accounts and Billing

With ValueLink’s powerful accounting features, you can manage both accounts payable and receivable, keeping managers on top of things and ensuring good cash flow and establishing positive business relations.

Real estate appraisal management software

Manage Receivables

Get a quick view of all your pending receivables from the Accounts Receivables dashboard.

Send Invoices

The system automatically generates invoices whenever orders are created in the system.

Merchant Account Integration

Use Integrated Payment Processing to accept payments without leaving the system.

Receive Payments

Receiving and recording payments is extremely simple in ValueLink's real estate appraisal management software.

Manage Payables

Gain control of your payables using the Accounts Payable dashboard.

Manage Salesperson Commissions

ValueLink automatically calculates your Salesperson’s commissions and logs them in the system.

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Your data is safe in ValueLink appraisal management software. We have a no compromise approach towards data security and that is why we utilize a world-class infrastructure for our hardware and incorporate industry best-practices for security of our application.

Appraisal management company software

SSAE-16 Certified Servers

Our servers are located in data centers in multiple locations across the United States and are fully SSAE 16 (SOC) certified.


Our data centers feature multiple power paths and network connectivity to prevent outages in the event of power disruptions or natural disasters in any particular region.

Data encryption

At the application level, every instance of ValueLink for every customer comes standard with all security features.

SSL Secured

All communication between the users and our servers is encrypted with 128bit SSL security to prevent data theft.

Best Practices

ValueLink uses Microsoft’s recommended security structure for web applications.

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Recruit affiliates to bring business for your AMC. The affiliate gets a commission for every order they bring to your AMC. Track all orders they have brought in, how much they have earned in commissions and how much they are owed.

Software for AMCs

Grow Your Business

Recruit salespersons to bring business for your AMC. The premise is simple.

Manage Commissions

ValueLink's real estate appraisal management software automatically calculates your Salesperson’s commissions and logs them in the system.

Unique Links

Salespersons can invite clients to use your services directly from the system.

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The Most Comprehensive Appraisal Management Solution for AMCs

30% Reduction in Turnaround Times
30% Reduction in
Turnaround Times
Over 50 Integrations with Solution Providers
Over 50 Integrations
with Solution Providers
Automates 95% of the Valuation Workflow
Automates 95% of the
Valuation Workflow
Achieve a 40% Decrease in Operational Costs
Achieve a 40% Decrease
in Operational Costs

Automate Your Valuation Management Process

Automate Your Valuation Management Process

Core Workflow

Core WorkFlow

We've Helped Multiple Lenders and AMCs Succeed

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