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At ValueLink, we’re on a mission to transform the real estate landscape for lenders, appraisers, and AMCs through personalized and data-driven valuation solutions.

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For Lenders

Embrace Automation,
Elevate Efficiency

ValueLink understands your need to streamline operations and reduce manual processes.

That’s why we’ve crafted solutions that automate 95% of your appraisal process – from the moment an order is placed to the final report delivery.

Seamlessly integrated with your Loan Origination Systems, our platform feels like an extension of your familiar workspace. Our real-time reporting tools are also there to offer insights that guide your strategies.

With us, your team can focus on strategic decisions, confident that the intricate details are sorted.

ValueLink Efficiency and Automation

For AMCs

Transforming Complexities into Opportunities 

Our solution isn’t just about features; it’s about simplifying your journey.

Manage your orders effortlessly, handle client requirements, and build appraiser panels with precision. Vendor management becomes effortless as you monitor licenses, track performance, and build robust relationships.

So, give your appraisal lifecycle a makeover and automate tasks from order creation to report submission. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor settings, fee tables, and client experiences to your exact requirements.

ValueLink is your toolkit for efficiency.

For Appraisers

Get More Business,
Thrive On The Go

Appraisers, we know the hustle – managing orders, staying mobile, and ensuring accuracy.

ValueLink simplifies your workflow with a unified dashboard and seamless single sign-on experience. Tailored to your specific needs, we empower you to handle reports efficiently, manage finances, and access real-time insights.

Our mobile app, ValueLink Connect, keeps you in control on the go, with integrated calendar scheduling and optimized mapping for nearby appointments.

We’re not just about solutions; we’re here to help you thrive.

Elevate Your Operations through an Integrated Experience 

At ValueLink, we redefine convenience through an efficient pipeline of solutions. Our platform isn’t just about tools; it’s about creating value through collaboration.

Thriving Ecosystem

Join a vibrant community where 300+ lenders & AMCs, as well as 40,000+ appraisers connect effortlessly, creating partnerships that drive growth.

Amplified Reach

Benefit from our 70+ integrations, spanning Loan Origination Software, GSE Portals, Appraisal Review Tools, and more, expanding your reach like never before.

Unparalleled Support

Our dedicated team is by your side, ensuring every step of your journey is seamless and optimized, maximizing the integrated experience of our solutions.

Elevate Your Operations through an Integrated Experience of ValueLink

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