with Joshua Walitt & Amanda Marin 

What is ValueUpdate?

ValueUpdate, the premier initiative of ValueLink Software where we delve deep into the world of real estate mortgages alongside esteemed industry experts. Embark on a journey with us as we uncover compelling stories and revolutionary ideas, offering insights that shape the landscape of real estate mortgages. From innovative solutions to expert analyses, ValueUpdate is your trusted resource for navigating the dynamic realm of mortgages.

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Recent Episode:

February 2024

Episode 2
Hybrid Appraisals

Meet our Host:

Amanda Marin, an Account Manager at ValueLink Software, combines 13+ years of business experience with a background in Psychology. She specializes in working with lenders, introducing tailored platform solutions and fostering lasting client relationships. 

Meet our Guest Speaker:

Joshua Walitt, a certified residential appraiser from Colorado, specialized in consultancy for diverse clients from technology companies to individual appraisers, emphasizing efficiency and integrity in valuation practices, compliance, and modernization.

Join us as we unlock the update of knowledge, empowering you in the world of the real estate mortgage industry.