ValueLink + Connect

Connect is directly integrated with ValueLink AMS. This improves productivity for AMCs that use the ValueLink platform as they can work with all the appraisers that use Connect.

Connect by ValueLink

Connect is directly integrated with ValueLink Appraisal Management Software. This improves productivity for AMCs that use the ValueLink platform.

Connect by ValueLink helps appraisers to efficiently manage their day to day appraisal orders from a single platform. Appraisers can receive orders, communicate with clients, schedule inspections and stay productive with smart notifications and mapping features.

Connect also comes with a mobile application to keep appraisers on top of their work on the go. It allows appraisers to receive orders, communicate and plan inspections through their smartphone seamlessly for maximum productivity.

  • One system, all your ValueLink clients:
    A unified platform for all your appraisal orders, receive orders, efficiently communicate and deliver reports to your clients without any hassle.
  • Connect, on the go:
    The app comes with a dedicated smartphone app that is integrated with the web platform. You can perform all the tasks on your smartphone while in the field.
  • Advanced Dashboard:
    Advanced order management through a single dashboard, assign orders to appraisers, agents, reviewers, supervisors, and fee inspectors.
  • Smart Order Management:
    Optimize your inspection schedules with the advanced mapping features that let you identify nearby appointments and determine the best routes for you

This seamless integration is available to all ValueLink users. If you would like to know more about the  integration and the ValueLink Appraisal Management System, contact our sales team at 888-587-0805 x.1

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