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Managing appraisal orders with Connect is easier than ever. It helps appraisers gain speed, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and expedite the entire appraisal process.​

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Powerful Features

Unified Platform

  • Manage and track orders from all ValueLink clients in one account.
  • Connect to more than 150 Lenders and AMCs.
  • Manage orders for multiple appraisers in your office with one login.
  • Deliver reports to clients without a hassle.
Appraisers software
real estate appraisal software

Go Mobile

  • Rich, easy to use web based platform & mobile application.
  • Manage your orders on the go with inspection management software.
  • Never miss a deadline with the built-in calendar.
  • Synchronize appointments with your phone calendar.
  • Schedule Optimization – Advanced mapping features to quickly identify nearby appointments.

Office Management

  • Dashboard for order management.
  • Setup limited profiles for vendors to see only their own orders.
  • Track credentials and certifications is easy with valuelink.
  • Set–up fee splits & coverage area.
  • Assign orders to appraisers, agents, reviewers, supervisors, and fee inspectors.
Appraisal office management software
Appraisal tracking software

Efficient Order Management

  • Single dashboard for all orders at your company.
  • Advanced mapping functionality to determine the best route.
  • Never miss a message from a client or a vendor.
  • Real-time notifications on your phone.
  • A real estate appraisal software with unlimited Storage.


  • An inspection office management software with 25+ built-in reports.
  • Robust report builder tool to build your own reports.
  • Unlimited flexibility for your reporting needs.
  • Export reports to PDF and Excel.
Inspection office management software
Appraisal software for appraisers


  • Automatic invoice generation.
  • Track receivables & payables.
  • Record payments & reconcile accounts.
  • See trends & analysis.

Tools & Automation

  • Real-time email alerts and notifications.
  • Automated emails and reminders.
  • Configure it your way.
  • Advanced fee tables with support for state, county and zip code level fees.
Appraisal desk software
Appraisal desk management software

Secure & Reliable

  • Real estate appraisal software built using the latest technology.
  • Running on Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Advanced failover & redundancy.
  • Encryption of data at rest.
  • Real-time replication of data on both coasts.

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A modern mobile app that allows you to stay plugged in even when you’re on the go.

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    During the Demo, You'll

    Tour the Platform

    Explore Integrations

    Get Your Questions Answered

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    ValueLink Connect empowers appraisers with a unified platform to manage and track all their orders from different clients in one account. This consolidation reduces costs, increases efficiency, and expedites the entire appraisal process.
    The Connect mobile app (Android - iOS) allows appraisers to accept and respond to orders while they are still in the field. This ensures that they can stay ahead of their orders, manage their workload effectively, and meet deadlines without delay.
    Connect offers advanced mapping features. Appraisers can quickly identify nearby appointments, optimize their schedules, and determine the best routes for efficient order management.
    Yes, Connect allows the management of orders for multiple appraisers within a single office through a single login. This feature simplifies office management and ensures that all appraisers can access and manage their respective orders seamlessly.
    Connect offers a range of reporting features for appraisers. This includes 25+ built-in reports and a robust report builder tool that provides unlimited flexibility to customize reports according to specific needs. These reports can be exported to PDF and Excel formats for easy sharing and distribution.
    Connect is built using the latest technology and runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The system incorporates advanced failover and redundancy mechanisms, encrypts data at rest, and employs real-time replication of data on both coasts, ensuring data integrity and availability.