5 Essential Ways for Effectively Managing Appraisals While Working Remotely

At ValueLink Connect we ensure that appraisers have vital information to complete accurate appraisals while complying to social distancing guidelines. The Connect app enables safe social distancing while empowering appraisers to conduct appraisals remotely and providing the complete information as per the guidelines through a secure interface.

A combination of automation, AI, powerful functionality and mobile technology. Connect features both a web portal and a mobile application. So, whether you are doing an exterior inspection or a desktop appraisal, you can use Connect app or web version to meet your appraisal need efficiently.

Discover five different features in the Connect app through which you can conduct an appraisal remotely and safely.

1. Take Photos Directly from the App:

A home appraisal report typically shows the condition of the entire property as well as information about the neighborhood and any recent (relevant) home sales near the property. The report also includes photos of the back, front, and street-view of the home. Through the Connect app you can add photos by uploading them from your phone library or by taking photos directly from the app.

2. Get Driving Directions:

Finding your way to the properties on your list is half the battle. Connect app’s advanced mapping tools let you identify nearby appointments and determine the best routes for you.

3. Accept Orders on the Go!

Connect has been build from ground up to enhance productivity for appraisers and reduce their overall turn times by enabling them to manage all their orders on the go!
Now you can receive from more than 150 Lenders and AMCs and manage them from start to finish.

4. One Dashboard to Manage All Orders:

Gone are the days of having to log into multiple appraisal management platforms to update orders and upload appraisal reports. Introducing Connect; a unified platform to manage your business and provide status updates and deliver completed reports.

5. Conveniently Communicate with Clients:

As a tech-driven company that never loses focus of the value of the personal touch, ValueLink’s Connect app makes it easier for you to work efficiently and on the go through real-time notifications on app. Receive and respond to messages while on the field as well as:

Download the app today!

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