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What Sets ValueLink Apart?

What Sets ValueLink Apart?​
Efficiency Through Automation
ValueLink streamlines tasks from order assignment and property inspections to automated appraisal reviews, document submission to GSEs, and direct delivery of appraisal reports to borrowers, enhancing efficiency through automation.
What Sets ValueLink Apart?​
Precise Insights Through Reporting
ValueLink offers 60+ pre-designed reports and a customizable report builder for precise insights. Vendor performance scorecards aid vendor relationship management, a delivery scheduling tool boosts efficiency, and accounting reports offer financial insights.
What Sets ValueLink Apart?​
Effortless Integrations
Facilitating a streamlined workflow, ValueLink boasts multiple integrations across 70+ partners ranging from Loan Origination Systems, Ordering Platforms, Review Tools, and the GSEs, allowing you to effortlessly oversee orders right from within the LOS interface.

Versatile Appraisal Management Software for Lenders

ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
Advanced Automation
ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
Agile Integrations
ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
Flexible to Your Needs
ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
Data-Driven Insights
ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
User-Friendly Interface
ValueLink Direct benefits for Lenders
Dedicated Customer Support

Meet Our Award-Winning Business Development Manager - Raveen Phifer

At ValueLink, we take pride in our exceptional team, and one standout member is Raveen Phifer, our Business Development Manager. Her latest win as a HousingWire Woman of Influence is a testament to her commitment to our customers and the industry.

Raveen will be there every step of the way to help tailor our solution to fit your needs. Whether it’s implementing new features, troubleshooting challenges, or strategizing for future growth, Raveen is there every step of the way, driving a more prosperous partnership.

Meet ValueLink's Award-Winning Business Development Manager - Raveen Phifer​

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Questions You Might Ask

ValueLink stands out with its comprehensive set of features that streamline the entire appraisal ordering process. From its robust automation capabilities, integrated compliance measures, and direct integration with major Loan Origination Systems, to its powerful order and panel management tools, advanced reporting options, and industry-leading data security infrastructure, ValueLink offers a holistic and efficient solution that empowers businesses to enhance their appraisal operations, maintain compliance, and make informed decisions in real-time.
ValueLink provides a comprehensive set of automation features including automated order assignment, inspection scheduling, appraisal review, submissions to GSEs, and report delivery to borrowers.
ValueLink ensures compliance through a double-blind ordering process, detailed audit trails for orders and vendor profiles, various appraisal quality control options, and electronic appraisal delivery to borrowers.
Order management features include an appraisal dashboard, multiple assignment options, bidding functionality, QC tools, and Smart Assist followups, ensuring your appraisal desk maintains control throughout the order process.
ValueLink offers advanced panel management, allowing you to work directly with more than 100 AMCs, manage your own appraiser panel, verify licenses, access vendor audit logs, and generate scorecards and comparison reports for AMCs and appraisers.