Are You Overpaying For Your Appraisal Management Software?

Appraisal Management Software has simplified the once complex and time-consuming exercise of managing the appraisal process. Lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers can all access a single platform from which they can manage the entire appraisal process from the placement of the order to the review and delivery of the appraisal report.

The usage of appraisal management software has resulted in saving time as well as thousands of dollars, helping to keep the industry afloat in testing times. However, as the industry has grown, software vendors have started to take advantage and are selling overpriced software to Appraisal Management Companies, Lenders, and Appraisers.

High Fees, Little Value

Most software companies charge customers on a per-order basis, charging anywhere between $7 to $25 for each order that is created in their systems. Considering that Appraisal Management Companies on average make between $50 to $100 dollars per appraisal order, it has resulted in them paying almost 15-25 percent of their revenues to their appraisal management software vendors. AMCs are now starting to realize that a significant chunk of their revenues is being lost on overpriced software.

A majority of the software companies have also segmented their pricing with the aim of squeezing every possible penny out of their customers. Features that should come standard with the product are now being charged separately as add-ons for which customers have to pay. A few examples of such practices are:

  • Separate rates for residential and commercial orders
  • Charging setup fees
  • Charging a per-user fee (Lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers all pay for the same system)
  • Forcing customers to lock down on long-term contracts for their system
  • Charging customers for upgrades to the system

Such practices are further pushing existing customers against the wall and preventing technology adoption by AMCs who continue to rely on excel sheets and paperwork for the appraisal management process. Appraisal Management Companies that have been working with legacy software vendors are now looking for more convenient and affordable alternatives to their current systems.

A Feature-Rich Affordable Alternative

ValueLink Software was created in 2009 with the aim of offering an affordable, scalable alternative to other appraisal management software packages that are on the market. By incorporating all the right features at an affordable price point, ValueLink is giving AMCs, Lenders, and Appraisers the edge by making the tracking of appraisal orders more efficient, improving appraiser vendor management and accounting processes, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

With ValueLink, customers get a complete, easy-to-use appraisal management software with:

  • No setup fees
  • No segmented pricing
  • No cap on the number of users of the system
  • Regular upgrades free of cost
  • A 30-day free trial
  • No binding long-term contracts

Today, ValueLink is trusted by AMCs, Lenders, and Appraisers across the nation for the comprehensive management of the appraisal process which is 100 percent compliant with existing laws.

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About ValueLink Software

ValueLink Software is a technology company focused on defining, designing, and building solutions for the real estate industry. Our appraisal management software, ValueLink, offers a comprehensive web-based solution for Appraisal Management Companies, Lenders, and Appraisers to help them manage the appraisal process. Our system is 100% compliant with existing laws and fully integrated with the Uniform Collateral Data Portal. We strive to continuously improve our product and will partner with you to provide a solution that best fits your requirements. For more information, please visit

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