How CrossCheck Can Enhance Your Appraisal Quality Control

The manual workload of appraisal reviews is a time-consuming task, which restricts the number of appraisals a lender can review in any given day – eventually pushing closing dates further out. To help lenders and AMCs deal with the manual appraisal review dilemma, ValueLink introduced an extensive appraisal review solution called “Cross Check.”

Underwriters can take full control of their review process using the proprietary Cross Check tool and augment it with integrated offerings from partners. Real-time data validation ensures underwriters spend minimal time doing stare and compare reviews.

Offers a Seamless Experience & Extremely User-Friendly Interface

CrossCheck is built into ValueLink & can be run at a click of a button. It offers a seamless experience & extremely user-friendly interface. CrossCheck was designed on a simple premise: The user should never have to open a manual to use it. Clearly laid out information, coupled wth the intuitive design makes CrossCheck extremely easy to use.

Built in Pre-Screen Triggers to Highlight and Fix Issues

CrossCheck review technology triggers a PreScreen as soon as the appraiser submits an appraisal report. The PreScreen highlights issues with the report and enables the appraiser to fix them before sending them on to the appraisal desk. This ensures that reports don’t have to go back and forth, saving precious time & results in quality appraisals delivered to the appraisal desk.

Create Separate Checklists for Different Clients

CrossCheck can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your clients. Separate checklists can be created for different clients and can be easily set up in ValueLink. Rules in the checklist can be categorized as Errors or Warnings which enables reviewers to quickly see the most important issues for a particular client.

Real-Time Data Validation Ensures Underwriters Spend Minimal Time Doing Stare and Compare Reviews

CrossCheck is fast! And by that we mean blink-of-an-eye fast! As soon as the report is submitted to CrossCheck, it is analyzed in real-time and the results are made available to the reviewers without having to miss a beat. The result is less distractions and more productivity.

Automated Appraiser Verification

Every time a report is submitted for a CrossCheck review, the system automatically verifies the appraiser’s information against the Appraisal Sub Committee database to ensure the validity of their license and veracity of their information. CrossCheck also verifies additional appraiser information on the report & highlights any missing items.

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