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BayDocs Integration

ValueLink is integrated with BayDocs’ Reverse Express™ Loan Origination Software. The integration allows BayDocs users to seamlessly place appraisal orders with ValueLink AMCs from within the the BayDocs system.

The integration is designed to simplify the appraisal process for BayDocs users with the automatization of the whole appraisal process from order to delivery of the final report.

Order data is automatically populated from the information in the loan file, which eliminates the possibility of any manual data errors, resulting in data integrity and higher productivity.

BayDocs users can stay up-to-date of their appraisal orders as status updates and comments are synchronized between the two systems. Reports are automatically delivered to the BayDocs LOS when the order is marked Completed in ValueLink.

This integration is available to all ValueLink users. If you would like to know more about the Appraisal Port integration and the ValueLink Appraisal Management System, contact our sales team on 888-587-0805 x.1

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