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FICS Integration

ValueLink is integrated with FICS loan origination system. The integration allows FICS users to place and track appraisal orders directly from within the LOS.

The integration results in efficiency for FICS users as they can place appraisal orders with any appraisal management company using the ValueLink appraisal management platform. FICS users can also track their orders throughout the process without leaving the FICS environment.

The integration allows seamless ordering of appraisals as ValueLink’s powerful features enable efficient and compliant order management with comprehensive quality control.

The FICS integration saves users from the hassle of manually entering the data for orders and eliminates any possibilities for errors in the appraisal process. It increases efficiency and saves time for both lenders and appraisal management companies.

This integration is available to all ValueLink users. If you would like to know more about the FICS integration and the ValueLink Appraisal Management System, contact our sales team on 888-587-0805 x.1

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