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LenderX Integration

ValueLink is fully integrated with LenderX. The integration enables ValueLink Customers to receive orders directly from clients that use the LenderX in their ValueLink system.

The integration helps increase productivity, save time and cut operational costs for both lenders and AMCs. Lenders can easily create and keep track of their orders while AMCs can keep working within their platform and seamlessly communicate and deliver reports to their clients.

The entire valuation process can be managed on the ValueLink platform and order information is updated in the LenderX automatically, every step of the way. The integration eliminates the possibility of any manual data entry errors and saves precious time

.Appraisal reports along with supporting documents like invoices, SSRs and compliance certificates are automatically delivered to LenderX in a few clicks.

The integration is available to all users of ValueLink. If you would like to know more about the LenderX integration and the ValueLink valuation management platform, contact our sales team on team on 888-587-0805 x.1

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