ValueLink + Mercury Network

ValueLink is fully integrated with the Mercury Network, allowing ValueLink customers to seamlessly receive orders from lenders using the Mercury Network.

ValueLink is fully integrated with the Mercury Network, allowing ValueLink customers to seamlessly receive orders from lenders using the Mercury Network.

The integration results in efficiencies for ValueLink customers as they no longer have to log into the Mercury Network to see the order information and provide order updated. The entire appraisal process can be managed on the ValueLink platform and order information is updated in the Mercury Network automatically, every step of the way.

The two-way integration enables synchronization of order statuses and comments between both the platforms so that no information in missed and both parties can stay on top of the order.

Appraisal reports along with supporting documents like invoices, SSRs and compliance certificates can be delivered to the Mercury Network at a click of a button once the report is ready for delivery.

The integration is available to all users of ValueLink. If you would like to know more about the Mercury Network integration and the ValueLink Appraisal Management System, contact our sales team on 888-587-0805 x.1

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