ValueLink + nCino

Sync, Manage & Make Informed Decisions In Real-Time
With The nCino’s App.


ValueLink Software partnered with nCino to streamline the appraisal process for loan officers, borrowers as well as realtors involved in the transaction, and keep them informed and updated through real time notifications on their mobile devices.

With the nCino app, Loan Officers can receive real-time appraisal status updates & notifications, share appraisal information with borrowers and real estate agents, and receive appraiser messages.

As soon as the order gets placed on the ValueLink platform, the loan officer directly gets a notification on the nCino mobile app where he can view the complete order details. These notifications are customizable for each processor or loan officer.

We also provide a mobile component designed for appraisers so the appraisers out in the field can see the order details, accept the order and even change the order status as it progresses. As soon as the vendor accepts the order, a notification is also pushed out; as soon as the order statuses are updated, notifications are pushed for inspection scheduled into the nCino app.

With the nCino and ValueLink, your Loan Officers are able to:

  • Get notified on the nCino mobile app.
  • Real-time notifications for every event of the appraisal process.
  • Access reports as soon as they are delivered.
  • Receive and respond to appraiser messages.

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