Unified Valuation Management Platform for Lenders and AMCs

ValueLink Software is propelling the real estate valuations industry into the digital age through a combination of smart automation, seamless integrations, and a data-driven approach.

The mortgage landscape is evolving rapidly, with technology leading the charge. In the age of digital transformation, the valuation process continues to have a significant impact on loan closing times. Our modern cloud-based solutions equip Lenders, AMCs and valuation professionals to streamline operations, slash turnaround times, reduce errors and stay on top of the valuation process.

With the industry shifting from traditional to alternative valuation products, ValueLink provides a one-stop solution enabling Lenders and AMCs to order and manage appraisals, hybrids, desktops, inspections, and AVMs in a unified platform.

While there are many scenarios in which a traditional appraisal is still the best (and required) choice, many lenders and AMCs are now leveraging a wide range of valuation types to reduce cost, streamline their processes, and more appropriately offset risk.

For certain conditions, restricted desktop valuations can offer a lower-cost alternative service when compared with traditional, full appraisals. They also offer faster turn time solutions. A traditional appraisal in challenging states can take a week or more, whereas the average turn time for a restricted desktop appraisal is less than five business days

Whereas a Hybrid Appraisal are more costly than desktop appraisals but faster and more cost-efficient than a traditional appraisal since the appraiser is not doing the fieldwork.

Choosing the right alternative valuation product that can fit into your organization can be difficult. ValueLink Software can be your key partner in managing any and all of your alternative valuation products.

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