ValueLink Core 10.1.7 Brings Major Improvements Across the Board

With the latest release of ValueLink Core, we continue to innovate, add new functionality and follow full compliance with regulations. Some of the highlights of this release are listed below:

Share Comments with Anyone

This new functionality enables you to directly share comments through email with anyone outside the system from the comment section. Just click forward, add their email ID and share the comment. This functionality gives you the advantage of sharing information with anyone who is not listed on the order but might need an update on the order details.

Compliance with State Level Regulation

To maintain compliance with the state of New York’s AMC regulations the system now gives you the ability to show the breakup of the order fees on the engagement letter as well as on the invoice.

With this functionality the appraiser can clearly see the breakup of the appraisal management company fee and their own fee listed on the engagement letter and their invoice.

AMCs Now Have More Control Over Their Vendors

Now you have better control over your vendors, the new functionality restricts appraisers to edit their coverage area, fees and products ones they have already entered these details.

These details can be changed by AMCs on appraiser’s request if needed.

Upload Multiple Documents on Revision Requests

Previously your clients could upload only one supporting document when opening a revision request.

Based on your feedback, we have now given them the ability to upload up to 4 supporting documents when opening a revision request for an order.

The release has many improvements and bug fixes based out on our customers feedback. If you have any questions please reach out to our support team at

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