ValueLink Integrates with LenderX to Expedite the Valuation Process

ValueLink is excited to announce that it has partnered with LenderX, a leading solutions provider for real estate and mortgage industry, to expedite and deliver efficiencies in the valuation process for Lenders and AMCs.

The LenderX integration is the latest of our integrations with leading ordering platforms that help increase productivity, save time, and cut operational costs for both lenders and AMCs. Lenders can easily create and keep track of their orders while AMCs can keep working within their platform and seamlessly communicate and deliver reports to their clients.

ValueLink customers can continue to manage the entire valuation process within their own system, while the Lender is kept updated throughout the process in. The integration also eliminates the possibility of any manual data entry errors and saves precious time.

Integrating with LenderX clearly indicates our commitment towards delivering faster, smarter and more cost-efficient valuations. These have delivered massive efficiencies for our customers and helped them in closing more business.

To learn more about our journey with our partners in the real estate technology space to make the valuation management process simpler and more efficient for our clients, visit or call 888-587-0805.

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