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ValueLink launches Connect: The Unified Platform for Appraisers

Valuation Expo - Charleston

ValueLink Software is excited to announce the launch of its latest valuation management product for appraisers, Connect . Connect allows appraisers to manage all their appraisal orders using a single platform.

Connect helps appraisers to efficiently manage their day to day appraisal orders from a single platform. Appraisers can receive orders, communicate with clients, schedule inspections and stay productive with smart notifications and mapping features. It offers built in reports and a robust report building tool to provide ultimate flexibility. Automatic invoice generation, real time email notifications, reminders and many other power packed features make Connect an essential tool for every appraiser.

Connect also comes with a mobile application to keep appraisers on top of their work on the go. It allows appraisers to receive orders, communicate and plan inspections seamlessly for maximum productivity. Connect mobile application is integrated with the web platform, appraisers can handle all their tasks whether in office or on the go. Connect mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Connect is specifically designed for appraisers to improve their day to day tasks. Appraisers can use one platform to manage orders from all their clients. No need to log into different platforms for every other AMC they work with. The mobile application maximizes productivity for appraisers as they are usually in the field completing appraisal orders. Appraisers can use Connect mobile application to accept orders on the go and never miss an order.

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