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HomeView - The Virtual Inspection Tool

Ordinarily, an appraiser would need to schedule a visit with the homeowner to inspect the interior of the property and make a report but due to COVID-19, appraisers are finding it difficult to access the inside of the property. Introducing HomeView the Virtual Appraisal Inspection tool that uses smart technology to make life easier for the appraisers.

HomeView has been specially designed by ValueLink for not just the appraisers but Lenders and AMCs as well in response to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac’s temporary approval for appraisal alternatives, which include desktop or drive-by appraisals.

HomeView Appraisal Inspection tool provides the fastest and easiest way to conduct home inspection while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines. Homeowners can click and upload high quality photos of their property and provide timely and accurate information through a secure interface.

Virtual appraisal

Location Verification at the time of sign-in

Home inspection tool

Geocoded and timestamped photos (Measures Distance Radius)

Home inspection app

A web app that works with any device or browser

Virtual inspection

Option of uploading up to 20 high quality photos

How does it work

Homeowner appraisal inspection tool
Remote inspection tool

Step 1
Send inspection request to
property contact

Homeowner inspection

Step 2
Click on the link provided in the email
which opens in a mobile device

virtual inspection data

Step 3
Fill out the inspection categories

Submit appraisal

Step 4
Submit the information

See the All New DIY Virtual Appraisal Inspection Tool in action

Be the driver of change!
Promote safe social distancing by empowering homeowners to self-inspect. It just takes 15 minutes to complete the process all you need is a smartphone or Tablet.

homeowner inspection tool

Capture Photos easily with any Smartphone

A striking new feature of the HomeView Virtual Appraisal Inspection is photo uploads feature which automatically verifies the accuracy of the location where the photos were taken down to a 300 ft radius from the subject property, helping eliminate fraud and also makes the homeowner attest to the accuracy of the data provided.

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