Automation, Integrations and ACH payments in ValueLink 10.1

ValueLink Release 10.1 is our first major release of 2019 brings a host of functionality to our Appraisar Management Software that are designed to make your appraisal process more efficient. Our team remained extremely busy throughout the holiday season to deliver one of the most feature-rich release of the system. Some highlights of the release include:

Automated Inspection Scheduling

ValueLink Release 10.1 customers can now have the option to reduce the time needed to schedule an inspection by using the Automatic Inspection Scheduling Workflow feature.

As soon as the order is assigned to an appraiser, the system sends out an email notification to the order contact allowing them to select up to 4 timeslots for scheduling the inspection.

The appraiser is immediately notified of the selected timeslots and able to pick a date at a click of a button. The order status automatically updates to Inspection Scheduled and all parties notified.

Automated Quote Requests

Enable your clients to request and receive quotes from your company, before they place the order. ValueLink now offers a robust and hassle-free fee and turn-time calculator on the client’s dashboard.

Client users simply need to enter the property address and the product they want to order. The system automatically fetches and displays the order fees and calculates the turn time from the data defined in your system.

Clients can then proceed with ordering the appraisal without having to re-enter the data again. If client’s need a customized quote, they can send in a request and the appraisal desk can respond to the request.


ValueLink Release 10.1 also introduces integrations with InHouse Connexions, allowing customers to receive, manage and deliver orders to lenders using InHouse’s platform.

A major update was pushed to the Encompass integration enabling you to customize and send up to 45 different appraisal order fields to Encompass when the order is retrieved by the client.

We have also made major improvements to our RealEC Integration by introducing support for new events in Exchange and integrating with Black Knights Empower LOS.

ACH Payments to Appraisers

We partnered with ACHWorks to offer another solution to make payments directly to appraisers from the ValueLink system.

Customers can now register with ACHWorks and link up their account in ValueLink, enabling them to make hassle-free and cost effective payments to appraisers from within ValueLink. Orders are automatically marked as Paid when the payments are sent.

The release also contains many enhancements and some bug fixes based on the feedback provided by our customers. If you would like to see the complete list of updates, please contact your account manager today OR Request A Demo of the system by clicking on the button below:

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