ValueLink Release 9.8 is now LIVE!

ValueLink Software has released the latest version 9.8 for its customers. This release introduces major integrations and functionality that are designed to make your appraisal management process better than ever.
Some of the major updates included in this release are listed below:

1) ValueLink – Connect Integration:

Connect by ValueLink is the latest product from ValueLink Software. Connect helps appraisers to efficiently manage their day to day appraisal orders from a single platform. Using the Connect mobile application, appraisers can receive orders, communicate with clients, schedule inspections and stay productive with smart notifications and mapping features.

2) AppraisalScope ValuePad Integration:

ValueLink is now integrated with AppraisalScope. The integration allows Lenders using AppraisalScope to place orders directly with AMCs and Appraisal companies that use the ValueLink platform. Order data is synchronized between both platforms and reports can be delivered directly into AppraisalScope when they are ready.

3) Automatic Report Delivery Scheduling

Another powerful feature that has been added to this release is the Automatic Report Delivery Scheduling functionality which allows you to set a schedule for delivering reports automatically to clients and company users. The functionality applies to all reports prepared using the Report Builder. All you need to do is to simply select the recipients, frequency and the delivery time and the system takes care of the rest.

4) Forced Password Change

Users can now be forced to change their passwords at regular intervals for better security. The feature is available in the latest release but needs to be requested as it is turned OFF by default.

5) General Improvements

Our team’s hard work and dedication reaffirms our commitment to offer the best appraisal management software on the market. In this version we’ve fixed some previously reported errors and have added several more useful features to the platform to achieve a better workflow. Some newly added features include ASC Verification Status, Reviewers Report, Ability to add Review Certificates, File Download Restriction and many others make ValueLink v9.8 the most innovative and customer focused appraisal management software on the market and we promise to deliver the best in future as well.
Valuelink v9.8 is being rolled out to the customers and will be available to all in the coming weeks.

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