Effortlessly Manage Appraisal Orders within Encompass Software

  • Single Sign On
  • Automated Field Mapping
  • Automation Across the Board
  • Automated Document Mapping
ValueLink integration with Encompass Software
ValueLink Won Lenders Choice Award

Why ValueLink?

Empower Your Loan Officers​

Timely information regarding all the updates related to appraisal process empowers loan officers to promptly address potential issues that may arise, mitigating delays and fostering a smooth loan origination experience.​

Streamlined Workflow

A seamless flow of data and information between the appraisal management software and the LOS, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing duplication of efforts. This streamlines the overall workflow and saves time.​

Enhanced Borrower Experience

Integration reduces delays, increases transparency, and enables timely communication, resulting in higher satisfaction. Borrowers and stakeholders can track appraisal progress easily.

All Without Leaving Encompass

Users can manage appraisal orders more efficiently as they don’t have to switch between different systems. ValueLink is completely into your LOS, which creates a smoother and time-efficient experience for users.

Unlock Success with ValueLink + Encompass Integration

Empowering our clients every step of the way!

Seamless Integration that Drives Growth

ValueLink’s integration with Encompass software allows lenders to order appraisals while retaining total control easily.

single sign on

Single Sign-on

Without switching screens while reducing costs and improving efficiency users can apply same credentials to log into Encompass and place and manage their appraisal orders. The entire ordering process is seamless with minimal distractions for Loan Officers and Processors.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed analytics and reporting tools ensure that you have all the data at your fingertips to make more informed decisions about their appraisal ordering process. From being able to select the best vendors to giving them visibility of turn around times at the county level, ValueLink has got them covered.
Automated Workflow

Automation Across the Board

Get full visibility on your orders from the moment the order is placed till the time it is completed and reports are delivered to their E-Folder. This will mae you stay on top of potential delays and ensure reports are delivered in a timely manner.
Document mapping - ValueLink Integration with Encompass Software

Automated Document Mapping

Documents are delivered automatically to the appropriate folders in the E-Folder when an appraisal order is completed,resulting in the elimination of manual steps and organized storage of documents.
automated loan field mapping

Automated Loan Field Mapping

Not only are documents sent to the right folders, the smart integration allows automated population of appraisal related fields in the loan file. The new integration also supports mapping of custom fields, so the user is able to configure field mapping that is specific to their Encompass environment.
vendor panel management

Vendor Panel Management

ValueLink has simplified vendor recruitment and panel management by connecting lenders with over 150 AMCs and more than 40,000 appraisers across the nation.

Elevate Your Valuation Management Process to New Heights

Are You Ready for the Next Level?

“Integration with ValueLink gave us more confidence in our data from the appraisal process. If a change is made, the information in the system is updated. I’m not worried about buybacks because of unsaved loans because we have wrong data in the system”

Questions You Might Ask

ValueLink has developed an advanced and seamless integration with Encompass by utilizing the next-gen Encompass Partner Connect APIs. This integration was built from the ground up, taking into consideration years of experience working with lenders using Encompass.
Through close collaboration with ICE Mortgage Technology, ValueLink tailors the integration to meet the specific requirements of lender customers. The integration offers a modern and user-friendly interface that takes full advantage of the functionality available in the Encompass Partner Connect APIs.
Yes, ValueLink’s integration handles payment collection and automates the delivery of completed reports back into Encompass. This streamlines the process and reduces manual efforts for lenders.
By utilizing the latest Encompass Partner Connect APIs, ValueLink’s integration with Encompass ensures compatibility with the most up-to-date features and functionalities available. This allows lenders to leverage the full potential of Encompass while enjoying a seamless experience with ValueLink’s services.

Integrate with The Platforms that Make Valuation Management Easy for You!

ValueLink Encompass Integrations

Integrate with the platforms that make valuation management easy for you!

ValueLink Encompass Integrations

Integrate with The Platforms that Make Valuation Management Easy for You!