Breaking Barriers: Raveen and Tyreo Discuss Career Mobility

Raveen Phifer sat down with Tyreo Harrison, EVP of Lending and Insurance Solutions, to share her journey in the housing industry.

During the conversation, Raveen examined how building her personal brand led to her growth and success in the formative years of her career. She emphasized the importance of defining your unique value proposition, consistently communicating your strengths and expertise, and actively promoting yourself to the right people and organizations.

Both Black leaders in their respective industries, Tyreo and Raveen, discuss the opportunities and challenges in diversity, equity, and inclusion for the black community in American Real Estate. With racial disparities and appraisal bias plaguing POC market entrants, Raveen shares how she overcame these challenges and how ValueLink works to make buying a home a more equal and inclusive experience regardless of ethnicity.

ValueLink takes pride in providing Lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers the tools they need to drive accountability and eliminate appraisal bias through CrossCheck.

Watch the full conversation below:

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