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MyAMC’s appraisal business is gaining the efficiency, visibility, and scalability needed for growth with ValueLink’s innovative platform.

HOUSTON, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MyAMC, LLC, a nationwide provider of valuation management services, has announced that it has selected ValueLink Software as its technology partner. MyAMC will be replacing its proprietary software with ValueLink valuation management software to drive efficiency in their appraisal process. MyAMC appraisal business is gaining the efficiency, visibility, and scalability needed for growth without the pain, inefficiency, and expense of on-premises, legacy systems.

MyAMC has always been at the forefront of innovation. By utilizing ValueLink’s customized platform to completely automate their valuation process, MyAMC looks forward to a comprehensive data analytics platform so that the appraisers can efficiently spend their time and attention on the key aspects of the valuation analysis.

ValueLink plays an integral part in the digital mortgage process through seamless integrations with Lenders’ origination systems and leveraging key technologies, including automation, analytics, and mobile technology. These have enabled our Partners to achieve a high level of operational excellence and process a record number of transactions over the years.

“We compared a range of valuation management solutions providers,” said David Mentesana, Managing Director, MyAMC. “ValueLink Software stood out for its ease of system integration and flexible vendor management platform. Their solution enabled us to achieve a high level of automation, offered agility and control to respond rapidly to changing requirements and deliver the high level of service our customers demand and deserve.”

Aqil Ahmed, SVP Operations of ValueLink Software, says, “Our industry is going through an accelerated transition and it’s a perfect time to embrace technology changes. Our goal is to help our partners, MyAMC, adapt to meet their customers’ needs with ease and speed of deployment and effective product innovation. We are excited about partnering up with MyAMC.”

About ValueLink Software

ValueLink Software provides the industry-leading valuation management technology for Lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers to easily manage and track orders in real-time while ensuring regulatory compliance.
Utilizing a combination of automation, AI, powerful functionality, and mobile technology, ValueLink Software is dedicated to making the appraisal process simple and efficient for the mortgage industry. visit

About MyAMC

MyAMC is a nationwide valuation services provider that offers a full range of residential products, including origination appraisals, post-closing QC, compliance audit, and AVM. The company serves a diverse customer base of lenders and servicers.

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