ValueLink Launches HomeView Remote Inspection Tool

HomeView ensures safe social distancing by enabling homeowners to collect necessary property details and send to appraisers.

As the pandemic unfolds and businesses continue to face hurdles in their day to day operations, technology is playing a key role in helping business adapt to the emerging challenges.

ValueLink Software, the industry-leading valuation technology provider, today announced the release of its remote property inspection tool, HomeView. The tool takes an innovative and intuitive data-driven approach to implement social distancing guidelines to assist appraisers during the COVID crisis.

HomeView enables homeowners to complete inspections in a matter of minutes. A unique link is shared via email with the homeowner which opens an app within their mobile phones. Users can then enable location access and answer a series of questions laid out in four different categories.

The HomeView Inspection Tool allows users to upload photos in real-time which are automatically geo-coded to ensure the accuracy of the location, eliminating fraud. Once the user submits all the required information a report is generated and shared with the appraiser. If required, the appraiser can prompt the homeowner for more information and/or revised photographs.

Watch Tutorial Video: HomeView – The Virtual Inspection Tool

“Advances in technology are changing the way appraisers and homeowners can conduct property inspections” said Farrukh Omar, COO of ValueLink Software. “It’s exciting to be able to deploy unique and user-friendly solutions to help appraisers, lenders and AMCs efficiently manage the valuation process.”

Key Platform Benefits Of Virtual Inspection Tool:

  • Available FREE for Lenders, AMCs and Appraisers on ValueLink’s platform
  • Users can access HomeView remote inspection tool on any smartphone
  • Seamless experience for both homeowners and appraisers
  • Geo-coding of photos to ensure accuracy of data and prevent fraud
  • Generates a comprehensive and intuitive report for the appraiser

About ValueLink

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, ValueLink Software provides the
industry-leading appraisal management solutions for Lenders, Appraisal Management Companies and Appraisers to easily manage and track orders in real-time while ensuring regulatory compliance.
Utilizing a combination of automation, AI, powerful functionality and mobile technology, ValueLink Software is dedicated to making the appraisal process simple and efficient for everyone involved. ValueLink Software caters to more than 150 Lenders and Appraisal Management Companies and connects them to thousands of appraisers across the nation.

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