Reduce Costs and Save Time: Do More and Better Business with ValueLink Connect

ValueLink Connect is a unified appraisal office management software platform. It keeps everything organized in one place while helping to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and expedite the entire appraisal process. You can manage orders, connect to more than 150 lenders and AMCs, manage orders for multiple appraisers, and deliver reports without any hassle.

ValueLink Connect strives to innovate and make sure appraisers are always ahead of their orders. We have added some functionalities that are designed to make your appraisal process better than ever.

Staff Role for Office Assistants

Staff users can now be set up in the system to manage all day-to-day tasks, without having access to critical accounting and reporting information.

Staff users have full access to managing orders, including inspection scheduling, managing communication and delivering reports. They can also set and manage appointments in the calendar.

Staff users can also view Client and Vendor profiles to check for any mistakes and also have the ability to make limited changes to those profiles.

Automated Inspection Scheduling

To eliminate bottlenecks in the appraisal inspection scheduling process, we have added support for automatic inspection scheduling in the Connect appraisal order management platform.

As soon as the order is assigned to an appraiser, the system sends out an email notification to the order contact allowing them to select up to 4 timeslots for scheduling the inspection.

The appraiser is immediately notified on their Connect app and able to pick a date at a click of a button. The order status automatically updates to Inspection Scheduled and all parties notified.

Document Sync from Connect to ValueLink

We have simplified the process of keeping your documentation updated with all your clients. Any documents that are uploaded on the Connect platform will now sync directly with all your customers’ systems.

No more logging into multiple systems and having to upload documents in each system multiple times. The process is designed to save your precious time and get more work done.

Just use the “sync documents” option on your profile and all documents will be automatically synced with your clients’ systems. The whole process of uploading the documents will be completed with a single click.

Report Writing Enhancement

Report writing is the essence of appraisal and one of the most crucial and time-consuming requirements of the whole appraisal management process. It requires a lot of manual data entries, corrections, and sometimes revisions, effecting the TAT on orders hence reflecting the performance of the appraiser.

To overcome all these hassles and make report writing easier for appraisers, ValueLink has Integrated with TOTAL by a la mode. The integration gives appraisers an easy way to import order details into TOTAL, eliminating the need to manually enter data when working on the order. Furthermore, information from TOTAL can also be exported to ValueLink Connect to simplify the process of order creation in Connect.

Visualize, organize, and prioritize your orders and meetings

Setting up appointments, remembering order delivery dates and scheduling meetings, is much more easier now. ValueLink Connect has integrated with Google Calendar, Appraisers who use Google Calendar can now focus exclusively on home inspections, processing orders, and delivering reports, and say goodbye to switching between applications.

Scheduling Order Inspection dates and Order due dates on Google Calendar ensures appraisers stay on top of their meetings. With this integration, appraisers can spend more time and effort in making their meetings successful rather than manually creating and managing each event.

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